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What type of deodorant should I use when going at the gym?

Ladies, did it ever happen to you to go to the gym and get all worked up on EVERY gym-gear there is and then, all of the sudden you realize your so said best deodorant has betrayed you? Well, you are not alone, just so you know. A lot of women confront with this matter and it’s really annoying when you think about it. I mean you’re just doing your think, getting your beach body step by step and your body also does its thing…eliminating stinky toxins by sweat, making your shirt look horrible and you smelling like a skunk, smell that is intensified by the bacteria on our body.

good antiperspirant for sensitiveFirst things first. You know how after a certain time some acne creams stop working because the skin gets used to the chemicals in it? Well that happens to deodorants too. You choose a random one from the shop, use it, love it because it’s just the best deodorant you’ve ever found and then after multiple times you’ve used it, it stops working so well, it starts staining your T-shirt and all those not so fun deodorant hazards. And all of that it’s because it changes the pH of the skin, until they are the same, and therefore it loses its efficiency. That’s why it’s recommended we change our deodorants at least once every six months.

Leaving the fact that your deodorant must be changed periodically, it has to have a few key characteristics. On the market there are a lot of types of deodorants. Some claim to be scent free while some promote the “sexy” smell. They advertise different periods of effectiveness: from 24 hours to the very pricy clinical power of up to a week (yes, you read right, a week!). There are gels, roll-ons, solids and even sprays. And, when it comes to the end, some leave you bone dry and some act like they were never applied.
Before you hit the stores, you should do some research. How would the best deodorant act like? How to make it work at its fullest? For a maximum effect, it’s recommended that you apply antiperspirant deodorants to dry armpits, before going to bed. This way the compounds of the product will get better sucked in by your pores, making it really last those promised 24 hours. Using aluminum-based ingredients, antiperspirant deodorants temporarily plug sweat ducts, causing your body to stop the stream of sweat. At night, when you perspire less, more of the active ingredient is pulled into the sweat ducts, which more effectively plugs your pores.

Now that I told you about the fact that there’s aluminum in deodorants you probably consider going to the gym without it or stop using it completely. But you’re wrong. Both the National Cancer Institute and Alzheimer’s Association have labeled the aluminum content in deodorants as harmless. And, though you’re modifying one of your body’s normal functions, clogging sweat pores is not unhealthy (plus, they plugs are flushed away in a short period of time).

A good antiperspirant deodorant should have odor fighting microcapsules, that will not just cover up the stench, but also eliminating it; good wetness control factor, so you don’t look like you just showered; skin soothing ingredients for sensitive skin, and not only (freshly waxed underarms, for example); stain control (none of us want to have a bunch of white shirts with ugly yellow stains on white t-shirts or white ones on black). And, if you really want the best deodorant, you might want to go for one that helps slow down the hair growth so you worry a little less about that.
Now, about the fragrance of the deodorant. If it’s only for the gym you can choose to match it with your perfume or not. You can get it scent free or just choose whatever fragrance the best deodorant you find, based on what I just shared with you.

If you don’t like using deodorant you can try washing your armpits with antibacterial soap, just to keep the stench causing bacterias under control at all times, making your life at the gym easier and fresher.
So, dear ladies, next time you run out of deodorant and don’t know what to use next for the gym, just remember that it must be wetness control, odor fighting, stain-free, for sensitive skin and make the hair grow slower. With all of this packed into your chosen antiperspirant, you’re ready to hit the gym with no worries!


Winter Fashion: Boots vs Heels

Brrrrrr! Cold is coming to town along with winter, boots, winter heels, and (why not both?) high heeled boots.

Women, whether they are petite or tall, love wearing heels, no matter the season, no matter the occasion. For small girls, heels offer a little more confidence and make their legs look astonishing, especially combined with tight jeans or short skirt, whereas tall women wear them to emphasize their long and nearly perfect legs, or just because they want to and love to.

During winter, if you get boots and heels into a heated showdown, you might get yourself a tie between the two, even if both sides are throwing punches. The fight comes down between comfort and style, not that boots can’t be stylish or heels comfortable. But the main difference is made by their practicality. Just found Two Comfy Shoes, a website where they revire the most comfortable and best shoes for women and men/

women's snow bootsIf you have a busy day, when you have to run around all day outside and have to get from A to B and back to A and repeat, heels are definitely not the go to shoes, boots are, especially if you feel safer sticking to them. Flat, fluffy, chic, boots take you wherever you want without tiring your legs. Choose them carefully though. Make sure they have rubber treading at the sole or something similar to prevent you from slipping on the ice. There are plenty of boots for women like that on the market, for example the ones from Aldo, well worthy of their price, made out of stylish leather. If you’re looking for something sporty, you can go for the Sorel’s ‘Tofino’ boot at Nordstrom old-fashioned winter boots.  It has the looks of a rain boot, but it has all the characteristics needed to protect your feet from winter’s minions. This snow boot is just right for a day outside, full of winter activities such as sledding or snowmobiling.

Now…heels. It will surprise you how many women are up to face the challenge of wearing heels during winter time. For many, the decision to heel or not to heel comes down to a choice women's winter heelsbetween pain and style. But it doesn’t have to be this way if you know how to choose your heels. My advice is to wear this kind of shoes only if you have to attend important events. That is if you live in a country where winter is usually harsh, with VERY low temperatures and a lot of snow and ice. Speaking about ice…Consider T-strap heels, that’ll prevent you from hurting your behind in an unfortunate slipping moment.
How to make it more pleasant? Well first of all wear round-toed heels as your toes won’t appreciate being crushed together in pointy shoes while your feet are cold, to get a lot of stability and support, go for thick heels as day shoes, and get those bad boys of high heels only if you’ll hit the town at night.

Having that sorted out, let’s combine the two, shall we? Tadaaaa heeled boots! They bring out the best of both of worlds and please everyone. Chic looking, warm, usually with furry inside, heeled boots are the go to shoes if you want a bit of heel and warmth at the same time. Macy’s ankle boots offer a sleek style and great heel with a treaded sole for walking on the ice and snow of sidewalks while being fabulously casual on the cold-cold streets. If you want your feet to feel more like in Hawaii than The North Pole, buy a half-size bigger and wear with your favorite knit socks and no one will know the difference!

As well as other types of shoes, heeled boots come in all shapes and sizes: ankle, calf, mid-calf, UGG (preferably worn where winter is dry), and finally knee length boots. They are the most stylish ones, perfect to be worn with skirts, short dresses and jeans. You can find an amazing pair at Macy’s at a pretty good deal, along with a non-slippery sole.
So, ladies, no matter the type of shoe you go for this winter, don’t forget to choose it carefully. Whether you pick flat boots, heels or heeled boots, care for your legs, keep them warm, opt for a rubberized or treaded sole to prevent yourself from getting some nasty bruises (or even worse), get the right size, think about the occasion and the plans for the day, and, most importantly, stick your toe outside to check the weather before you get ready to head to town


Should men use hair straighteners?

flat iron for menDo men use hair straighteners?

It is common knowledge that these days, even more than ever, more and more men are beginning to be extremely image-conscious and this is the reason why they are beginning to make room in their grooming kits for different beauty tools that until a few years ago, were designed especially for women. Among these tools, the hair straightener is also included.
Recent studies have shown that at least one in five men openly admits to having a flat iron that he uses to cool his locks or simply to try and achieve a celebrity hair style such as the guys from Take That or David Beckham have.

Another recent study made by a company in the U.K revealed that men in Great Britain spend around £100 million per year, only on hair straighteners. It’s quite impressive, isn’t it?
Many people are still not convinced about the utility a flat iron may have for a man and why do some of them keep using these tools. In reality, this question is just a matter of perspective and a matter of knowing and embracing who you are. If a man feels comfortable in his shoes and he is not afraid to show it, along with a great look, he will also obtain confidence. Here are the 5 most important reasons why a man should start using a flat iron:

1. The hair will look much better

Believe it or not, a flat iron is not only for straightening but it can also help with the texture and improves the overall appearance of a short hair style by straightening just a few small sections and obtaining a more modern look.

2. It is as seen on T.V. Every celebrity is doing it

If you have a bold and imaginative personality and you are looking for a modern and edgy hairstyle, you should be aware of the fact that you will definitely require a flat iron. This tool is a must in any hair stylist beauty kit and whether you are looking for an elegant and glamorous look like David Beckham or a messy hairstyle like James MacAvoy, you must not be shy in using a hair straightener. If you think that these superstars have great straight hair, you can see a few good flat iron reviews here which can help you make a buying decision.

3. Everybody is doing it

Maybe it is a little bit exaggerated, but the vast majority is using it. Let’s take, for example, your close friend, Damien, who is looking all of a sudden cool and his hair has a perfect style. In this case, the chances are that he is using a hair straightener and doing a good job at it.

4. The ladies will adore you

The truth of the matter is that women are more attracted to a perfectly groomed man that one that is carefree of all such aspects. A man that knows how to keep his tresses in perfect order and know how to impose respect and glamour is a definite hit with the ladies. Nowadays, a great pick-up line isn’t worth a dime compared to a gorgeous, elegant and glamorous man.

5. Check the date, it’s 2014

Let’s have a reality check and realize that it is 2014, not 1965! Maintain your style to the current 21st century style, where men are aware of their assets, of their style and of the necessary measurements they have to take in order to be a modern person. They have to spruce things up if they plan on achieving their goals. Also plenty of black men use flat irons to straighten their frizzy, curly hair – just ask Ludacris.

So… conclusion:

It’s not considered weird anymore to straighten your hair as a “alpha” male, however don’t overdo it. You can even ask your girlfriend for tips or even lend you a helping hand in styling your straight hair.

Try changing the hair products to suit your needs and don’t forget that not all hairs are created equally – you just have to think that maybe straight hair isn’t for you.

To help you with this dilemma go to your regular hairstylist and ask for their opinion. Follow their advice because they have been doing this longer than you (that’s for sure). Listen to their advice because behind them lies years of experience.


High Heels for every woman

high heels

Let’s face it ladies, high heels will never go out of fashion and you could never go wrong wearing them (we are not talking about combinations and personal taste). The reality is that a high heel is actually a woman’s best friend that will always allow her to make a statement, to always feel sexy, confident and powerful.

What exactly makes high heels so sexy?

Well, the answer is quite simple and easy to understand if you think about it: wearing high heels changes the overall aspect of a woman, the way in which she presents herself in front of others and even the way in which she is perceived by others.
All this does sound great, right? Well, you should know that there is a minor catch here; how to choose the right high heels so that no harm may be caused to your feet and to feel sexy and comfortable at the same time? Let’s find out in these easy 5 steps:

1.    Narrow versus thick heels

It is important to know that a stiletto or a narrow high heel, in general, best fits those women that have a more slender constitution, whereas the women that have a few extra pounds are recommended to wear platforms or if they get stubborn about high heels, they should choose thicker ones.

2.    Choose the style and the color

The general rule is that black is classic and so is in high heels. Any rule can be broken and if you are a powerful and imaginative woman, you can pull off even the wildest bright color. If we talk about style, we may never end this discussion as there are so many types of styles such as slingbacks, sandals, boots, and pumps and so on. In the end, the decision is yours, but always make sure to complement the dress with the correct pair of high heels and remember that an open shoe gives less support than a closed one.

3.    Be careful what number you buy

When you go and buy a high heel, take your time and try them on. Make sure they are the right fit and you feel comfortable in them. If you buy them in a hurry, you may end up with severe pain if the shoe doesn’t fit. Another good method that will allow you to change your shopping decisions is by asking about the return policy in case something goes wrong with them.

4.    Practice walking at home before going out

Allow your feet time to get used to your shoes before you put them under a constant stress. It is recommended to wear them for about 15 minutes and then take them off and take a break. Repeat this action for a couple of times before taking them out. Be confident in your posture.

5.    A slight platform under the toe area

It is common knowledge that platforms help maintain stability. Stylists recommend that the perfect high heels are the ones that have at least an inch of platform under the toe area of the shoe. By doing so, it will eliminate a bit of the stress caused to the ankles and will give more stability


Women want gear too!

If you are a woman who loves to watch professional sports, you know how difficult it is to find sports gear for your favorite team which is actually made FOR woman. It seems like for every team I watch, I can choose between a colored t-shirt or maybe, a pink tank top (when will designers figure out that not all woman love pink?). Luckily in the past few years, the trend is changing thanks to new clothing options from Alyssa Milano and Victoria Secret who are hoping to ‘make bank’ by providing woman some actually stylish gear.

It’s our time!

Last year, Victoria Secret released a series of chic clothing options as part of their’ Pink’ Series; releasing all types of gear from panties to sweaters. Best of all, it actually looked STYLISH and was made with care which is something that was both unexpected and revitalizing. The other nice bonus was that we now have a variety of options as to where to purchase these clothes. You can buy online at the MLB Shop or on the Victoria Secret website. Or if online shopping isn’t for you, you could pick up your hot new sports gear at any MLB shop or Victoria Secret store. I’ll be honest, the first time I walked into Victoria Secret and spotted a some Boston Red Sox underwear hanging on the rack, I was pretty much blown away. I knew my man would love them too ;).

This year, woman sports followers are being further treated to the work of actress turned designer Alyssa Milano. Milano started a brand new line now known as ‘Touch,’ which she has managed to build into quite the business. Negotiating the rights to use team logos of pretty much every major sporting league in North America, Milano has created clothes for woman based on teams from the MLB, NFL, Nascar and even college sports. If you are a woman purchasing sports gear of your favorite team, chances are it might be an Alyssa Milano design. Again, much like the Victoria Secret products, you will find her work in MLB shops, at the stadium and a number of different online outlets.

Anybody can MAKE clothes but it takes someone truly talented to design clothes that stylish woman want to wear. Milano and Victoria Secret has done this, offering high quality options which still manage to look cute.

My Team Looks Hot!

I really enjoyed the product line offered by Milano so much that I purchased my woman’s recreational fast-pitch team uniforms online from the ‘Touch,’ line. The jerseys along with our band new baseball gloves will allow us to not only to play well, but will also have us looking like the most trendy team on the field.


How and when to use a lip brush

bare lip brushIt is better to start off by saying that a lip brush is an application tool that, although it may seem strange in the beginning, once you discover all of its secrets, you will permanently become addicted to using it. It comes in different sizes, shapes and colors, thus allowing you to apply an even layer of lipstick or lip gloss.

A normal and traditional brush has usually soft and short bristles that are retractable so that they are not altered in the makeup kit. There are also those that have a long handles and curved bristles specially designed to improve your control over the technique used and precision while applying the lipstick.

There are a variety of reasons and methods for using a lip brush instead of using the product directly from the tube. A brush will help you apply the product evenly without any problems and using a smaller quantity of product. This means that you will be able to extend the usage of your brushes and products.

Another reason for using a lip brush is that it helps you create a work of art with your makeup, because a flawless application will always begin with professional tools, specially designed to perfectly blend colors and tones. Of course, all these things may be possible only if you use quality products and tools even if you think that are quite costly, you will realize that in the long run these are more convenient.

By using such a product, you will manage to apply a light, smooth and even layer without needing to go back and forward a lot of times. If you use a lipstick or a lip gloss that are in a tube, you may be tented to ignore using the brush because you think you will finish faster, but the question you need to ask yourself is: what is more important for me: to finish faster or to obtain great results? The truth of the matter is that trying to apply a full coverage of imposing colors such as red or purple can only be achieved by using a brush. Once you convince yourself of the benefits and results of using the lip brush, you will never go back to using a simple lipstick in a tube.

Found this cool review site where they describe the best retractable lip brushes available on Amazon, it’s called

retractable lip brush

Here are 3 reasons for which professional makeup artists recommend using a lip brush:

1.    These are used to obtain a precision result and also help you from having any smudges. The brushes that have long handles offer great control and the ones that have curved bristles offer a much greater precision. All these characteristics will offer an even layer and a more lasting and sophisticated result.

2.    If you are the kind of person that likes mixing different types of shades and tones than you have to use a lip brush because it applies a thin and even layer of product thus making it last longer.

3.    A lip brush is also used for blending the lip liner and the lipstick together once they are applied. In general, if you apply the product with a brush, you won’t need to use a lip liner because the application is extremely precise and this technique helps prevent the lip liner from looking way too defined and severe. Those that use the liner are also trying to prevent the lipstick from bleeding and to obtain a more natural aspect. We all know that blending different shades of makeup, correctly combined, will create a natural, soft and professional look.

Some believe that it is better to directly dip the brush into the lip-gloss tube, and some say that it is best to squeeze a drop or two directly on their hand or small makeup tray. No matter what option one chooses (they are both correct), in order to apply the lip gloss correctly, experts advise us to start from the center of the lips and gradually blend the product towards the lip line. In order to obtain a crisp touch, you have to use the tip of the brush in order to define the lip lines at the corners and bows. Remember never to use anyone’s lip brush.

For those that are more experienced, some rules may be broken concerning the use of the lip brush. Some use it along with a concealer to erase small darkness spots or redness from their complexion, use it as a smudge brush for the eyes or as a shadow applier. If one chooses to do the same thing. Mixing and blending, it must keep in mind one of the most important rules: “stop double-dipping” or you will transfer the germs from the lips to your eyes.

Find different lipstick colors on

If you are truly addicted to makeup, it is best that you have at least 4-5 lip brushes in your kit. Some of them should be used for the darker colors and some for the lighter ones, thus avoiding mixing unwanted shadows.

It is of absolute importance that you periodically clean all your brushes by washing them with warm water and shampoo, reshape them and leave them to dry on a flat surface. Only start using them if they are completely dry. Experts advise us to replace makeup brushes once a year or often in case the bristles start becoming stiff.


5 Essential Makeup Brushes

essential makeup brushesAll women adore to use at least a small amount of makeup, this is a universal truth. It doesn’t matter if they put on just a little bit of lipstick and a mascara or if they put on the full beauty arsenal, all it matters is that they feel great. But, let’s face it, none of these worth anything if we don’t have the right tools to apply the perfect makeup.

Without the perfect makeup brushes that are specifically created to align to all the angles of your face,  we will never be able to obtain the perfect result. Many women tend to use their fingertips to put on their makeup, but they don’t seem to know that the natural oil that a finger has  will change the color and consistency of the products when they are applied. Here are the top five essential makeup brushes:

1.    Foundation brush
This brush has flat parts that helps keep in the foundation liquid or powder (depending on what each of us use) so that you obtain an even application. This brush, combined with horizontal movements will help you hide fine wrinkles.

2.    Powder Brush
It is a large and also very soft brush, that, as the name suggests, it picks up more powder and. It is used after the foundation has been applied, mostly on the cheeks, jawline and forehead. Using this brush is extremely important because it gives the skin a clear and matte aspect while helping the full makeup stay in place the entire day. In order to obtain a natural touch, you have to eliminate the excess powder by simply using a circular movement of your hand. Once you have solved this problem, gently apply it on your face by making a gently sweeping movement.

3.    Angled Liner Bush
Another important brush that helps highlight your beautiful eyes. Due to the perfectly angled and précised brush you will be able to apply the perfect eyeliner on the curves of your eyes. The technique is to apply from the exterior to the interior of the face keeping a steady hand. This brush can be made from synthetic of natural hair. A piece of advice: this brush can also be used to create a contour of your eyebrows.

4.    Eyeshadow Brush
We all know that all makeup kits have to contain this type of brush. This helps you blend and apply the eyeshadow evenly without using too much makeup that tend to give a nasty artificial look. The best eyeshadow brush is made out of natural hair and will help you obtain the perfect natural look and stunning smoky eye effect.

5.    Lip Brush
Unlike the other brushes, the lip brush is quite small and has a round tip that allows you to apply a perfect layer of lipstick without going over the lines.  If you are used to line your lips, you should know that you have to apply the lipstick after you have lined them. The lipstick brush is also used to create fuller and bigger lips (this comes in handy for those that have thin lips).


The Fall/Winter Bershka Collection

bershka collectionThe brand new fall / winter collection from Bershka is specially designed to take us into an imaginary trip all away to Berlin so we can see and understand what they have installed for us for the upcoming 2013-2014 season. The general theme of the collection is hipster subculture mixed with punk and boho-chic styles. It is incredible how designers have managed to put together the most important trends of the season into an overwhelming collection that manages to transmit nonchalance and creativity.

The Bershka fall/winter collection will definitely become an inspiration source on how people will get dressed during the cold season. The entire collection is created out of a combination of textures, materials and colors that symbolize the ’20 and  ’50 with a slight influence of the ’90 punk-sporty style. The clothes and accessories are fresh and youthful and will definitely catch the attention of even the most inexperienced customer.

Bershka designers are saying that in order to become a true trendsetter, we must be ready to wear leather, animal print, unisex jackets, short denim pants, rebel furs and punk-rock T-shirts. Also, they pay a great amount of attention to accessories. They decided to combine sport hats, animal print bags, biker boots with massive necklaces thus managing to obtain an extremely creative result.

These clothes along with their accessories can be worn day or night and it is mostly due to the fact that it highlights each persons personality.  Dark colors are predominant but there are also a few spots of color that can be found in the floral prints on the skirts, dresses and shirts. In contrast to all this, the punk-rock style is represented by the presence of metallic zippers and accessories.


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